RIO was born on May 5th,1974,in Mie -prefecture.

Her parents often took her and her three sisters to museums in Japan to show them famous and influential works of art.

RIO began Painting at 3years of age,and took art lessons with her sisters once a week.

When she was 9 years old,RIO discovered the works of Andy Warhol and was deeply moved and impressed.

The experience had a profound influence on young RIO,and ignited a passion to pursue art.

In 1985,RIO began petitioning her parents to send her to the United States to study art.

After graduating junior high school in 1993, she attended Monte Vista Christian high school in California for 1 year to learn English, then transferred to The Cambridge School of Weston in Massachusetts to study art.

RIO was awarded a scholarship at East Coast Art College, However,she choose to attend The Academy of Art college in San Francisco instead in 1993.There she studied Fine Art and Fashion.

In 1995, RIO moved to the Gold Coast of Australia on a Working Holiday Visa to work as a designer for 1 year. Then, in 1996, she began work for a trading company. RIO stayed with the trading company for 2 years.

In 1998, RIO was working a variety of part-time jobs, in addition to singing in a band. During this time her passion for art was re-ignited and she began painting again.

By a lucky stroke of fate, RIO was scouted by a radio station in Osaka, and soon thereafter began work as a Disc Jockey in both Osaka and Nagoya.


RIO UMEZAWA Solo Exhibition at Wine bar Lo-d
■2017(Nov.3〜6) RIO UMEZAWA Solo Exhibition
Pamojah x RIO UMEZAWA Art &Music Festival
at Salon of the Fair Trade shop “Pamojah”
■2017(Aug.7〜Aug.20):RIO UMEZAWA Solo Art Exhibition
「materialism or non-materialism?」
at Smart Ship Gallery in Shimokitazawa,Tokyo.
■2017(May.11〜June 4):RIO UMEZAWA Solo Exhibition「Reality and Creation」
at JILL D’ ART GALLERY in Nagoya-city,Aichi-prefecture.
■2016(Aug.5〜Aug.19): RIO UMEZAWA meets AQUAVIT Lounge
at Restaurant AQUAVIT Lounge in Gaienmae,Tokyo.
■2015(Sep. 12〜Oct.31):RIO UMEZAWA ART EXHIBITION entitled”Naturalism”
at Cafe MUSEA in Toba city Mie-prefecture.
■2015(May25-June13):Solo exhibition entitled “ Mysticism ”at Gallery De Room 702 in Osaka.
■2013 (Nov.18〜30): Solo exhibition entitled ” RIO ART EXHIBITION  Biodiversity” at smart ship gallery in Tokyo
■2011 (January): Solo exhibition entitled “BEATRIO sound design by Takeshi Nakatsuka” with musician and composer Mr.Takeshi Nakatsuka at KEN HAMAZAKI RED MUSEUM in Osaka
■2010 (June): Solo exhibition entitled “Juen delicate show” at Juen delicate in Osaka


■ 2018(Dec.14〜23) Miyabi Katayama・RIO UMEZAWA
Duo Exhibition at smart ship gallery in Tokyo
■2018(Oct.19〜28) Miyabi Katayama・RIO UMEZAWA
Duo Exhibition at World Times Gallery in Hyogo prefecture
■2016(Nov.28-2017.Apr.8)TRIBUTE★TRIBUTE Exhibition
(Dedicated to great musicians)at Coolie’s Creek Restaurant in Tokyo,Japan.
■2016(Apr.15~May8) : Joint Exhibition of  2artists entitled”Charming YU UCHIDA × RIO UMEZAWA” at Jill dart Gallery in Nagoya,Aichi-prefecture Japan.
■2016(Mar.11〜21): Group Exhibition of 5 artists entitled”Dear Humans” at Social  Tokyo Gallery in Shibuya Tokyo, Japan.
■2015(Nov.24〜29): Music Lovers Joint Exhibition of 3artists entitled”MUSIC ART SHOW” at Galerie Malle in Tokyo,Japan.
■2014(June〜Aug.): Group Exhibition of many artists entitled”ART PICNIC OPPAI (Breast) Exhibition” at Dictionary Club in Tokyo,Japan.
■2013 (June): Joint exhibition entitled “monochrome syndrome” with a doll maker at ART HOUSE in Osaka,Japan.
■2010 (February10〜15):  Group exhibition entitled “HORIPRO ART in Osaka” with two artists,a calligrapher and a comic artist at IRORI MURA in Osaka,Japan.
■2000 (October1〜31): Joint exhibition entitled Duo Exhibition “Drops” with a doll maker at Cafe Rodeo in Osaka,Japan.


■2018(Sep.28〜30) Art Fair「KOBE ART FAIR2018」
@Kobe Merilken Park Oriental Hotel in Kobe,Japan.
■2018(Feb.23〜25)Taiwan Art Fair”Infinity Japan Contemporary Art Show 2018″
@ Hotel Royal Nikko Taipei in Taiwan.
■2017(Sep.29〜Oct.1) Art Fair「KOBE ART FAIR2017」
@Kobe Merilken Park Oriental Hotel in Kobe,Japan.
■2016(Feb.22〜26):「Seoul Art Show 2016」COEX Convention & Exhibition Center in Seoul Korea.
■2016 (Sep.15(VIP)Sep.16〜18):Hong Kong Hotel Art Fair “Asia Contemporary Art Show 2016 Fall in Hotel Conrad Hong Kong
■2016(May.19(VIP)May.20〜23): Korean Art Fair “ART BUSAN 2016″ at BEXCO EXHIBITION CENTER 1 in Busan,Korea.
■2016(Feb.26〜28):Taiwan Art Fair”Infinity Japan” at Miramar Garden Taipei in Taiwan. (Feb.1〜26  Pre-showing Exhibition at Taipei 101 Tower.
Feb.26〜28 Hotel art fair)
■2015年(Nov.19〜22): Singapore Art Fair “BANK ART FAIR2015”
at Hotel Pan Pacific Singapore in Singapore.
■2015(July) Exhibit at Art Festival “ Art Osaka 2015 “ at Granvia Hotel in Osaka,Japan.
■2015(Feb.3〜8): “Miniature Art Exhibition2015” at The Art complex Center of Tokyo in Tokyo,Japan.
■2014(October):chosen to be a finalist and exhibit of International Art Festival Competition in Chelsea,New York.


■ 2014 (January): RIO designed bags, book covers, and post cards for a well-known and popular book company called Sanseido
■2014 (December): Some of RIO’s art works were used for 1st album of the band called “dmg” leaded by Taka from UK Rock band “Feeder”.
■2014(December):Designed a wine bottle for the band “Paris Match”Used for Tote bags,little mirrors,aprons,and T-shirts.